MIACIS Annual Student Publication
for Westchester Academy
(the wais yearbook)


Miacis (from Greek, pronounced Mī ə sə̇s)
The Miacis contains both middle school and upper school content. It is completely self funded, with the costs completely paid for by book sales and ads. It is independent from any other WAIS organization, and receives no funding outside of sales. Our book is continually recognized for its quality, both by customers and by external awards.


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Visual Theme: Bauhaus
The Miacis has a visual theme that is thoroughly integrated into the design of the book. This year's theme was developed in collaboration between this year's staff and last year's staff. Design CP students and the 2017 Miacis Editor aided in the look and visual style.


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Miacis Press Release for May 22nd

We appreciate the continued support and praise we've received on our yearbook over the past seven years from WAIS families, community members, our publisher, and WAIS faculty. This year, we have had continual setbacks in just about every area. Delays have occurred nearly every step of the way including my own schedule, a new and smaller Miacis staff, a new school photographer, and hurricane Harvey as well, affecting of course our community, but also our Houston-based publisher.


We've never had a book not arrive during the regular school year, but we've also never had as many delays stack into a single year. We had two choices, rush the book and have a poor product that doesn't represent the school and would disappoint families and students, or do it right and risk it being late. We chose doing it right over a rushed product. A student will never have another first year at WAIS, or last year at WAIS, or any other year. Each year is important. At this point, we don't know when the exact arrival date. When they arrive, we will allow several ways for families to receive their copy of the yearbook- including summer times for pickup, as well as the option to hold the book until the fall.


-Shaun Wegscheid

IB MYP & CP Design

MIACIS Advisor

Website Editor


The annual yearbook produced by a team of WAIS students. All students help with photography, year two and year three students generally specialize in a specific area, such as lead design, editorial staff, etc.

Our students are able to earn endorsements and honors.

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Sales vary from year to year, but book presales help determine total order number. Massive excess is avoided, as the book sells must cover production cost.  Some volumes of the Miacis are completely sold out.


Less than 20% of published student annual books receive some form of external recognition. Six of the previous seven volumes of Miacis were honored.
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Thank you for your interest in ordering our book.
Yearbooks sales began Tuesday, Oct. 10th

Prices increase as the year progresses.
Fall: $55    ||   Winter-ish: $65    ||    Spring: $75    ||    Summer-ish: $80

Base Price +$65     Early Bird Discount -$10
Current Miacis Price: $65


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Some years we sell out completely, some years we don't.
If we still have extras of a previous volume, they can be purchased.
The price is the final price the book sold for.
2017: $80            2013-16: $75             2012: $65
All years prior to 2012: $55

Distribution dates for the Miacis are mid-to-late May.
*there is a small surcharge for online orders