Information related to this year's volume of the Miacis.


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Full color, hardback.
including grades 6th-12th.

Cover design by:
Michael Facundo &
Jaime Gallegos Garcia

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Senior Content

There is special content in every book related to the graduating class of that year. This is the final book for the class of 2018, whether with us starting in sixth grade, or just for part of high school. Every year, we try to includes quotes for every senior, a senior index, and superlatives. We collected senior information  during advisory on Wednesday, February 28th. If for whatever reason you could not attend, please email Mr. W as soon as possible.


We usually have two senior class meetings, one in October and one in November. Due to all the unusual setbacks during this school year (Hurricane Harvey, multiple snow days), this was the first and only time we'll be able to meet with you. We collected a variety of information, including nominations for superlatives.

The final voting form is accessed here:  Superlative Final Voting

Learn more about other collected content below.

Senior Quotes

Your quote is past due. If you haven't submitted it yet, email Mr. W asap.

Your quote must be appropriate. Your quote must be verifiable via Google. We will verify your quote for accuracy and appropriateness. Even if your quote seems appropriate, if the context your quote is from is profane or inappropriate, your quote will not be accepted.

Students who can not handle these expectations will receive an inspirational quote of the Yearbook Staff's choosing.

Senior Index

The Senior Index includes a listing of WAIS / Spring Branch-related student organizations you've participated in from 9th-12th grade. This includes stuff like DAC, Robotics, Spanish Honor Society, Dance Team, League of Champions, and so on. This however does not include classes; if you took Robotics or Dance, but were not on the team, then you were not part of the student robotics or dance organizations. You will need to also list what years you participated.

      John Doe
      League of Champions (9, 10, 11)
      Yearbook (10, 11, 12)
      French Honor Society (11, 12)
      Clicks4Good (11, 12)


Where the Wildcats Are

An additional sort of index we've included for years is a listing and map of where are graduates are accepted. This has always just included the recent previous graduates, but not the current. The yearbook staff is interested in trying to include this years graduates as well. We'll have a place for you to list the schools you were accepted to. We know you may not have information from some of your schools yet depending on the school and which application timeline you applied on.



Superlatives will be tricky this year. We normally meet twice, once for nominations, and once for voting. We don't have that luxury due to this year's weird time line. Instead, we will collect your nominations. In the past, we would then vote, and then photograph the winners. Sometimes it was very difficult to get the recipients to cooperate with our time line. We can't do that this year. We don't have the time to chase after students.

Top nominees were invited to the photoshoots. If a nominee can not make it to the photoshoot, we will not be able to include them. The final voting is currently ongoing, as the book is due so it can be printed and so you can receive it before you go off to college. The plant has thousands of schools to print books for, and everyone wants them around the same time. The process takes weeks.

The final voting form is accessed here:  Superlative Final Voting
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